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Powder fire extinguishers MIG are produced more than 20 years serially and enjoy deserved popularity with Consumers because of the high reliability and outstanding performance. Powder fire extinguishers – one of the most widely applied types of fire extinguishers. Such popularity is proved by reliability of fire extinguishing of any class:
A – Burning of solid substances,
B – Burning of liquid substances,
C – Burning of gaseous substances,
Е – Burning of electric equipment which is under high voltage.
According to item 5.45 of GOST R 51057-2001 "Low pressure fire extinguisher details (the cylinder, cartridge, handles for management of its work and transferring, blocking clamp, nozzles) shall keep durability in case of charged fire extinguisher falls from height of 0.6 m". At the same time all its details: the cylinder, the valve, handles, blocking clamp shall keep the durability, and the fire extinguisher shall keep working capacity The cylinder of the fire extinguisher is certified on compliance to requirements of the Technical Regulation TR TS 032/2013 "TR on safety of high pressure equipment ". According to the existing standard rate, powder fire extinguisher MIG marking of a cylinder is executed mechanically and contains the following records: logo of JSC Pozhtehnika, mark of conformity of "EAC", name of a cylinder, serial number of a cylinder, month and year of production of a cylinder, year of the following re-examination of a cylinder, range of cylinder’s operation temperatures from-50 C to +50 ºС, working and trial pressure of a cylinder, weight and volume of an empty cylinder.


Additional tool of protection against a counterfeit is the corporate passport of all types of fire extinguishers MIG containing the metallized label with the serial number of the fire extinguisher and date of production (month/year). Just the same metallized label (with serial number and date of production) is established in the upper spherical part of the fire extinguisher cylinder.

Fire extinguishing powder is the most important component of the fire extinguisher providing its effective application. This component is most often counterfeited by unfair producers. Danger consists not only in failure of fire extinguisher’s operation at the needed time because of powder unworthiness for fire extinguishing, but also in potential danger of such fire extinguisher for the person: mix of alkaline and acid loose structures after pouring and damp air subsequent downloading in the fire extinguisher, there starts a chemical reaction with allocation of a significant volume of warmth and gas. As a result dangerous level of pressure in the fire extinguisher increases, fire extinguisher cylinder explodes and that can lead to injuring the person.
Powder fire extinguishers MIG are charged with the high-quality fire extinguishing powder "Vekson ABC-25".
Portable fire extinguishers MIG which powder mass varying from 1 to 10 kg can be fixed on a wall by brackets MIG, or be established in support MIG, and also a special cabinet for the fire extinguisher PRESTIGE.
Mobile fire extinguishers MIG
, which powder mass varying from 25 to 100 kg, are equipped with the ergonomic removable cart, and also crossover allowing extinguish the fire sources which are far from each other effectively by one person, interrupting a powder stream if necessary.

GUARANTEE - 4 years.
Reloading of fire extinguishers - in 5 years. 

Rank of standardized fire source (fire extinguishing capability) - 144В.
Powder fire extinguisher MIG 10kg