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Halon gas fire extinguishing modules (MGPH INEI) are intended for deflation and storage of gas fire extinguishing agent (GFEA) under working pressure up to 150 Bar. The modules are used as a part of modular automatic gas fire extinguishing systems for extinguishing fires of classes A, B, C and E. Halon 125, 227, 23, Novec 1230, etc. are used as gas fire extinguishing agents.

Modules operating temperature range -20 °С to +50 °С.   

Nitrogen is used as the propellant.

MGPH INEI are used to protect rooms with people, electronic equipment, archives, cultural objects, warehouse and industrial premises for various purposes. Main features of the use of halon modules include safety for humans and protected equipment, high extinguishing efficiency, ozone safety, successful experience in operation at various facilities.

Equipment using a single unit MGPH INEI is a module that is fixed to the wall using clamps with anchor bolts. Using a high-pressure hose, the module is connected to the gas extinguishing agent (GFEA) pipeline.

Automatic start-up of the MGPH INEI is carried out after the fire detectors are triggered, by applying an electrical impulse to the electromagnetic valve of the MGPH INEI device start-up through the fire control device. The module can be started using the manual start device, if necessary installed on the valve of the MGPH INEI.

Gas fire extinguishing batteries are a set (2 to 20) of carbon dioxide or halon fire extinguishing modules connected by a single starting circuit and simultaneously discharging a gas fire extinguishing agent into a common group pipeline.

Diagram of one module halon gas fire extinguishing system  INEI 


Modules MGPH INEI are rigidly fixed relative to the supporting structure (rack) by means of clamps, which in turn is attached to the floor and / or to the wall, using anchor bolts. There is a manifold on the rack.

By the number of rows, the batteries are classified into single row and double row.

The start-up of modules in the battery is carried out by a start-up module or a cylinder with nitrogen. The pressure of the starting cylinder or module is supplied through the pneumatic starting pipe to the valve of the modules in the battery and carries out their operation in a pneumatic way. The starting cylinder or starting module is equipped with electromagnetic starting valve. A manual start device is installed in the upper part of the electromagnetic valve.

One starting cylinder / module with electromagnetic start allows simultaneous pneumatic start-up:       

 in a single-row battery - up to 10 modules;                                                                                                          

  in a double-row battery - up to 20 modules.

In double-row batteries, one section is possible to use as a reserve storage. An electromagnetic and manual valves are not installed in the starting cylinder / module of the reserve section.

Diagram of set module halon gas fire extinguishing system  INEI