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Fire hoses PRESTIGE (Maritime RS approved) are made as a complete product (equipped with coupling-coupling or coupling-jet branch pipe). All connections are produced and tested by high-tech industrial equipment.

Each fire hose PRESTIGE set includes the passport with a stamp of acceptance of quality control. The reliability of the hose's connection with its fittings is confirmed by the certificate issued by VNIIPO of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

Fire hoses PRESTIGE are approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (Maritime RS) and have the appropriate certificate.

The hose is made of synthetic materials and internally polymer-coated.

Hose operational temperature: -60 °С to +40 °С.

Fire hoses PRESTIGE with a working pressure 1.0 MPa are used to equip internal fire hydrants and mobile motor pumps.

Fire hoses PRESTIGE with a working pressure of 1.6 MPa are used to equip firefighting transport.