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Mechanical foam fire extinguishers MIG are charged with a film-forming synthetic fluorinated foaming agent - Sthamex AFFF.

 Low separation factor accounts for rapid formation of a water film which has the ability to spontaneously spread and coat the oil product, prevent evaporation and formation of a vapour-air mixture, decrease the extinction time and cool the fire zone. If the foam layer is breached, surface tension forces will cause the foam to cover the whole of liquid oil product. Foamer solution absorbs very little of the flammable substances, so it can be used for subsurface suppression. This solution has extremely low surface tension and better firefighting properties than alternatives in the market. These solutions are almost pH neutral (рН=6.5-8.0), which makes them safe for humans and for the environment.
Sthamex AFFF foamer is designed to fight class A and B fires by isolating the burning surface and thus preventing hot vapour-air mixture generation. It is stable and resistant to thermal radiation emitted by combustible materials with a high content of polar additives, such as alcohol, etc.
Main applications of the fire extinguishers are chemical and petrochemical industries, airfields, as well as any application where a need may arise to extinguish large oil or oil product spills, or to timely prevent ignition of flammable liquids. It is recommended for use on ships, in ports and in the offshore zone.


GUARANTEE: 4 years

Reloading of fire extinguishers - in 5 years

Class A

Class B