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Powder modules “MIG” and “MIG A” are used for extinguishing fire classes: A, B, C and electrics under voltage 1000V. Modules are used at the early stage of fire without human intervention. Powder modules “MIG” and “MIG A” are used for protection rooms of categories: В1, В2, В3, В4, Г1, Г2, Д Temperature of use from -50 to +50 °С.
All modules can be recharged at any service station for recharging fire extinguishers. Powder modules “MIG” and “MIG A” are charged by powder of the highest quality “Vekson-ABC 50”, which affords high extinguishing capacity and universal applying. The construction of the module is based on stored pressure principle of extinguishing substance. It means that powder is always under pressure inside the cylinder. The control of module is carried out with the help of pressure gauge.
The period of usage is 10 years. Modules are dived into 2 groups by way of placing: Modules 2,5kg, 5kg, 7kg and 12kg – wall and celling method of placing. Modules 100kg – fixed installation, can be placed only on the floor. Modules “MIG A” are actuated by electrical pulse. All modules have an additional option, they can be actuated automatically by temperature 68°С during 1 minute. Modules “MIG” are automatic devices, which work without external power supply and control systems. The sprinkler valve of module “MIG” and “MIG A” is equipped with a bulb. The temperature of actuation of the bulb can be 68°С, 93°С and 141°С, according to the type of module. The glass bulb is actuated by the temperature during 1 minute. After the actuation of the module, extinguishing agent comes out during 15 seconds.
 The principle of usage of modules “MIG A” After actuation of fire detectors, appears electrical pulse of launching trough fire control device and after that comes to the device of electrical start of module “MIG A”.
Fire control device is used for actuating of module:
- Start of fire water, smoke removal, system of control of evacuation, unlock of system control access;
 - Alert for round the clock security post
- Alert to the system of remote control of fire sutuation Modules “MIG A” can be actuation by the manual start button.
Self-actuation will happen in case of temperature +68 °С during 1 minute.