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 Water mist fire extinguishing systems (MUPTV INEI) are designed to extinguish fires of classes:
A (combustible solids),
B (combustible liquids),
E (electrical equipment under voltage up to 1000 V) in industrial, administrative, warehouse premises, archives, cultural objects, etc., as well as to protect various purposes equipment.

MUPTV INEI systems are used both for local protection of separate fire-hazard areas and of the whole area of protected premises.

The main advantages of using water mist fire extinguishing systems are:

• High fire extinguishing efficiency;
• Safety for humans;
• Effective smoke deposition ability;
• Autonomous water and energy supply;
• Wide operating temperature range ( + 5 ° С to + 50 ° С);
• The ability to optimize technical solutions using MUPTV INEI battery modification with a centralized gas source. 

MUPTV INEI cylinders for extinguishant have an internal corrosion-resistant coating with more than 1 mm. thickness. All cylinders (starting and for extinguishant) are certified for compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 032/2013 “On the safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure”.