Carbon Dioxide CO2 modules

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The Modules are intended for storage and release of gaseous fire suppression media (hereinafter referred to as GFSM) – carbon dioxide – for extinguishing fire of A, B and C category, electric fire (of energized electric equipment up to 1000 V). The Modules are not intended for fire protection of transport vehicles. The following media is used as GFSM – Carbon Dioxide (СО2) of superior quality as per GOST 8050-85.
The Modules operating temperature: -10ºС … +50 ºС.
The Modules filling rate with GFSM - 0,72 kg/l.
The Module consists of a vessel, lock and release device with built-in mass controlling device (hereinafter referred to as MCD).
Principle of Module operation is as follows: electric pulse from the fire suppression control board opens the lock and release device and discharges GFSM contained in the vessel through the pipeline and applicators into protected premises.
The Module can be also activated by applying pneumatic pressure into the pneumatic release device or by manual pressing handle of the manual release device.

The lock and release device is equipped with protective device to protect the Module from hazardous overload by gauge pressure. The protective device consists of protective diaphragm  fixed inside the body by threaded fitting . Plastic alarm cap  serves as an indicator of the protective diaphragm actuation.
Discharge outlet of the lock and release device is covered with shipping plug 20. Protective cover 21 serves as a protection for lock and release device during shipping, installation, and maintenance. Lockdown of the lock and release device in the standard operating mode is provided by pressure balance inside the module and over the lock of the device. When any of the release devices is triggered the back pressure valve opens and pressure over the lock drops immediately. As a result the lock moves up enabling GFSM discharge from the Module. The control of CO2 mass in the Module is carried out by the built-in mass MCD.
Mass controlling device working principle is based on the physical dependence of the mass and electric capacity of the GFSM. The siphon tube of the Module is made in the form of two electrodes - internal and external. The internal electrode is earthed on the valve body. The external electrode  is isolated from the inner electrode and connected to MCD through the connecting cable .

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