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Carbon dioxide gas fire extinguishing modules are designed for the release and storage of gas fire extinguishing agent (GFEA) under operating pressure up to 150 bar and 200 bar. Carbon dioxide gas fire extinguishing modules INEI are used as part of centralized and modular automatic gas fire extinguishing installations for extinguishing fires of classes A, B, C, E.

INEI modules are especially effective in extinguishing:

- electrical installations under voltage;

- cable channels;

- diesel generators and other premises with a high level of fire hazard

The use of carbon dioxide equipment INEI provides the possibility of preventing and suppressing explosions of the vapor-gas-air mixture. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used as GFEA - the only fire extinguishing agent permitted for use in local gas fire extinguishing.

The functionality of the module is maintained in the temperature range from -20 °С to +50 °С.

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