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Fire extinguisher cabinets are used to store Dy50 and Dy65 fire hose reel systems and portable fire extinguishers. The fire hose reel system includes a valve, a coupling, a hose pipe and a handle nozzle. Fire hose cabinets with hose systems or fire extinguishers are classified according to their dimensions (01; 02; 03). Fire extinguisher cabinets have different versions of installation in the buildings:
wall-mounted (mounted on the surface of the wall),
fully recessed (flush with the surface of the wall),
floor-mounted (mounted to the floor).
Design features of cabinets PRESTIGE allow modifying one version of installation into another and doors can be site adjusted for left or right door swing. Versatility of fire extinguisher cabinets PRESTIGE and following all the dimension recommendations give the advantage to minimize the period of cabinet installation.