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Autonomous fire extinguishing devices UPA MPP MIG - a ready-made solution to reduce fire risk

Are you considering compensatory measures after assessing the fire risk of your facility? Want to protect an uninhabited premises like a garage, boiler room, workshop, attic, storeroom from fire?

We recommend MPP MIG! Affordable, reliable, effective.

Autonomous fire extinguishing devices MPP MIG differ from ordinary powder fire extinguishers in that they have a special design capable of detecting a fire and automatically activating the extinguisher without human assistance.

This is a very reliable solution that does not require an external power source or any additional sensors, as it contains a sensor (thermal lock) in its design that activates (breaks) at a temperature (depending on the model - from 68 to 143 °C) within more than 1 minute (MPP MIG will not activate from accidental and short-term heating). The proven 25-year design of self-igniting MIG extinguishers, the use of high-quality fire-extinguishing powder, as well as the use of modern dry nitrogen charging technology, makes it possible to achieve the most important goal - the detection and effective extinguishing without human involvement of all types of fires (classes A, B, C, E), including extinguishing live electrical equipment up to 1000V.

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