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Gas fire extinguishing modules based on inert gases MGPI INEI are used as part of modular automatic gas fire extinguishing systems for extinguishing of class A, B, C and E fires. The following can be used as a fire extinguishing agent: nitrogen of special purity in accordance with GOST 9293, argon of the highest grade in accordance with GOST 10157, Argonite (composition of components according to SP 5.13130.2009), Energen INEI (composition of components according to SP 5.13130.2009).

The modules are manufactured in climatic version "O" category 4 according to GOST 15150, but for operation at temperatures from minus 40 to plus 50 °C.

It is advisable to use MGPI INEI to extinguish fires involving flammable liquids, gases, electrical equipment, for which a clean, non-conductive environment is important.

Gas extinguishing agent:

  •  does not form decomposition products;

  •  safe for human health;

  • safe for nature;

  •  is a "dry gas", i.e. does not use air energy for evaporation and does not form condensate; - keeps the concentration in the air of the room after the release for a long time;

  •  does not change the room temperature;

  •  effective;                  

  •  safe for property and electronics;

  •  leaves no traces;

  •  dielectric;            

  •  clear and does not interfere with evacuation;

  •  has a large positive experience of application;

  •  the technical solutions of the modules are designed for decades of fire fighting readiness.

Модули газового пожаротушения на основе инертных газов (МГПИ ИНЕЙ).png