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Hose reel fire extinguishing system (BSP) is a fixed system of water supply based on use
of semi-rigid (retaining its shape) pressure hoses for fire purposes.
Compared to flat folding pressure hoses, semi-rigid pressure hoses have several advantages:
•being wound on a drum it ensures the operability of the hose line even before it is unreeled;
• when water is flowed to the hose line, there is no phenomenon of water hit;
• hose cylindrical shape does not allow to kink it while operating. So you can quickly change the direction of the hose line, without reducing of its efficiency;
• hose semi-rigid structure increases its service life and eliminates the need for drying after use.
Our company produces hose reel fire extinguishing systems under PRESTIGE trademark with a semi-rigid hose with 19 mm. diameter.
BSP PRESTIGE can be connected to central water supply of living houses, or in buildings that do not have special water supply for fire extinguishing.
BSP PRESTIGE set includes:
• metal cabinet;
• retractable drum with semi-rigid hose (diameter 19 mm, length 20 or 25 or 30 meters) equipped with crossover which can be used in two modes (stream and spray);
• supply hose (diameter 25 mm, length 1 meter);
• ball valve (thread diameter 1 ″).
  One end of the supply hose (25 mm) is connected to the central water supply using ball valve (1 ″). The other end is fixed to the drum unit. One end of a semi-rigid hose (19 mm) is also fixed to the inner drum unit, and a spray nozzle with locking-regulating modes is installed on its other end.   Cabinet doors have the ability to open at 180 ° angle.
Central water supply with minimum working pressure of 0.2 MPa provides BSP PRESTIGE system water discharge with at least 8 meters stream.