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Hose reel fire extinguishing system (BSP) is a fixed system of water supply based on use of semi-rigid (retaining its shape) pressure hoses for fire purposes.

BSP PRESTIGE complies with the requirements of EN 671-1-2012, STB EN 671-1-2009 “Fixed fire extinguishing systems. Hose systems. Hose reel fire extinguishing systems with semi-rigid pressure hoses”.

BSP PRESTIGE set includes:
• metal cabinet;
• retractable drum with semi-rigid hose (diameter 19 mm, length of up to 30 meters) equipped with crossover which can be used in two modes (stream and spray);
• supply hose (diameter 25 mm, length 1 meter);
• ball valve (thread diameter 1 ″).

One end of the supply hose is connected to the central water supply using ball valve (1 ″). The other end is fixed to the drum unit. One end of a semi-rigid hose (19 mm) is also fixed to the inner drum unit, and a spray nozzle with locking-regulating modes is installed on its other end.   Cabinet doors have the ability to open at 180 ° angle.
Central water supply with minimum working pressure of 0.2 MPa provides BSP PRESTIGE system water discharge with at least 8 meters stream.