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CO2 Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers INEI

The main benefit of CO2 carbon dioxide fire extinguishers INEI is their operational reliability and safety that is result of application only high-quality components and quality control at all production phases.
Mass production of fire extingushers INEI with a charge from 1 to 50 kg is performed more than 15 years. Fire extinguishers with a charge from 3 kg to 50 kg are intended for suppression of electric equipment energized to 10 000 V, and mobile fire extinguishers with a charge of 10 kg, 25 kg and 50 kg possess the fire extinguishing capability raised in in compliance with all necessary operating standards in the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus territories. Range of operation temperatures from -40 ºС to +50 ºС.

In considering of the fact that the maximum working pressure in the cylinder of the fire extinguisher constitutes 150 atm., the safe and certified cylinders, completely corresponding to GOST 949 are only applied.
 The cylinder of the fire extinguisher is certified on compliance to requirements of the Technical Regulation TR TS 032/2013 - TR on safety of high pressure equipment.
On a spherical part of each cylinder are mechanically beaten out: logo of cylinder producer, "EАC" conformity mark, serial number of a cylinder, month and year of cylinder production, cylinder’s following re-examination year, working and trial pressure of a cylinder, weight and volume of an empty cylinder".