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    Are you researching the feasibility of purchasing a fire extinguisher for your home?

     Is it important to you that its use does not ruin valuable property and no one gets hurt? Then your choice is the INEI halon fire extinguishers.

     How does a halon fire extinguisher differ from other fire extinguishers, charged with another gas, such as carbon dioxide?

     In the serial production of halon fire extinguishers INEI "Pozhtechnika" does not use pure halon as a charge, but a mixture of gases from the extinguishing halons and inert nitrogen, pre-cleaned from water vapor. Experience and modern technology of generating the nitrogen and its purification from water vapor (water vapor severely reduces the effectiveness of extinguishing), allows "Pozhtechnika" to achieve the best fire extinguishing ability of halon fire extinguishers INEI in comparison with similar products by other manufacturers.

     Unlike extinguishing with carbon dioxide (damages property by low temperatures up to minus 70 C, if a jet of carbon dioxide hits a person there is a threat of frostbite), in a halon fire extinguisher INEI the modern fire extinguishing halon is used, which is the so-called clean extinguishing agent with a boiling point of +45 C. This allows you to effectively suppress all types of fires, including inaccessible to the carbon dioxide fire extinguishers extinguishing of solids (class A), as well as to achieve one of the main objectives - when using a fire extinguisher - to does not cause damage to human health and protected property. This is especially important when using a fire extinguisher to extinguish valuable property, without the risk of damage from the extinguishing agent.

     In addition to "home" applications, the "thriftiness" and "cleanliness" of the application has determined the importance of halon fire extinguishers in industrial applications such as aviation, medicine, electronics, including the protection of server rooms (requiring an increased safety standard for people and the environment).

"Pozhtechnika" serially produces 2 models of fire extinguishers INEY with a charge of extinguishing halon 2kg and 6kg - OH-2 ABCE INEI and OH-6 ABCE INEI.

Overall specifications:
  • ABCE - designed to suppress all classes of fires, including extinguishing of electrical equipment under voltage up to 1000 V
  • Service life - 15 years
  • Warranty - 4 years