Portable Dry Powder MIG E Fire Extinguisher 12 kg ABCE (6А, 233В, С, Е)

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Models by GOST15150/ ISO12944
Portable Dry Powder MIG E Fire Extinguisher 12 kg ABCE (6А, 233В, С, Е)
  • 4 years warranty
  • Life time 15 years
  • TR CU 043/2017 certified
  • approved by RMRS
Main technical data and characteristics
Rank of standardized fire source (fire extinguishing capability) for class A
Rank of standardized fire source (fire extinguishing capability) for class B
Fire extinguishing capability for class C
available (not measured)
Fire extinguishing capability for class E
up to 1000V
Operating temperature range, °C
from - 50 to + 50
Gross weight, kg
Dimensions(length, cylinder diameter), mm., not more
Mass of fire extinguishing agent, kg
Cylinder name and manufacturer
BP-12 MIG, JSC Pozhtechnika
Cylinder volume, l
Number of welds at the cylinder
4 ( typical design)
Cylinder service life, years
Fire extinguisher service life, years
Branded factory repair work
available (factory warranty for factory repair work is 5 years)
Minimum recharge cycle
every 5 years
Warranty, years
4 (twice as much as the standard)
Recommended transport brackets
KTR-10/12(code 121-105), KTRR (code 121-106)
     Portable Dry powder fire extinguishers MIG E - fire extinguishers with a high fire-extinguishing capacity, designed to extinguish all classes of fires (A, B, C, E) - fires of solid, liquid and gaseous combustibles, as well as electrical installations under voltage up to 1000 V.
     Fire extinguisher pressure indicator has a special design, precluding loss of performance of the fire extinguisher.
     Valve has increased reliability, it is equipped with a safety damper for automatic release of excess pressure, for example, in case of overheating of the body.
     Nipple in the socket of the indicator, provides the ability to check and even replace the indicator without affecting the performance of the extinguisher.

     Type of the extinguisher by the principle of creating pressure in its housing: stored pressure.
     Extinguishing ability to extinguish model fires class A and B: 6A, 233B. Fire extinguishing ability of the fire extinguisher is confirmed by certificate of compliance.
     Operating temperature range: - 50 to + 50 °C.
     The cylinder of the fire extinguisher is certified to comply with the Technical Regulations TR CU 032/2013 "On safety of equipment operating under the overpressure".
     In accordance with current legislation, the marking of the cylinder of powder fire extinguisher MIG E is made by a mechanical method and includes the following records: sign of JSC "Pozhtechnika", a sign of conformity " EAC ", the name of the cylinder, cylinder serial number, month and year of manufacture of the cylinder, the year of the next recertification of the cylinder, the temperature range of the cylinder "-50 °C to +50 °C", operating and test pressure of the cylinder, weight and volume of the empty cylinder.