Portable Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher MIG 2 kg АВСЕ (2А, 55В, С, Е)

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Models by GOST15150 / ISO12944
Portable Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher MIG 2 kg АВСЕ (2А, 55В, С, Е)
O2/C2 (indoors)
Portable Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher MIG 2 kg АВСЕ (2А, 55В, С, Е)
OM2/C4-H (outdoors)
Main technical data and characteristics
Rank of standardized fire source (fire extinguishing capability) for class A
Fire extinguishing capability for class B
Fire extinguishing capability for class C
available (not measured)
Fire extinguishing capability for class E
up to 1000V
Operating temperature range, °C
from - 50 to + 50 °C
Gross weight, kg
Dimensions(length, cylinder diameter), mm., not more
Mass of fire extinguishing agent, kg
Cylinder name and manufacturer
BP-2 MIG, JSC Pozhtechnika
Cylinder volume, l
Number of welds at the cylinder
Cylinder service life, years
Fire extinguisher service life, years
Branded factory repair work
available (factory warranty for factory repair work is 5 years)
Minimum recharge cycle
every 5 years
Warranty, years
4 (twice as much as the standard)
Recommended transport brackets
KTR-2(code 121-172), KTM-2(code 121-142), KTH-2(code 121-81)
     Standard vehicle fire extinguisher, which can also be used to protect the premises - the most compact fire extinguisher with fire rank 2A, 55B, C, E
    - to equip wheeled vehicles in accordance with TR TS 018/2011 (categories M1, M2, M3, N - cars, buses, trucks),
    - to protect the premises of categories G and D (on the explosion-fire danger), administrative and public buildings (Annex 1 of the Fire regime of the Russian Federation)
    - to equip the railway transport in accordance with Annex 3 of the Fire regime in the Russian Federation.
     Due to the use of high quality extinguishing powder, certified by European standards, as well as the modern technology of charging purified from water vapor nitrogen, it has the fire rank (extinguishing ability) of class A (2A) doubled, than it is required by the current GOST-R for powder fire extinguishers with a charge of 2 kg (0.7 A). The same is for fire rank (class) B (55V instead of 21V). By its extinguishing power it is the full equivalent of the usual dry powder fire extinguisher with a 4 kg load, being half its weight and dimensions, and may be used instead of it according to the regulations.
     Fire extinguisher is charged with powder certified in Europe and has a certificate of TR CU 043/2017.

ОП-2(з)- ABCE в помещении
ОП-2 в локциях для карточки.jpg

Range of operation temperatures: from minus 50 to plus 50 ° C оС.
Marking in the form of accurate and nonerasable texts is applied on a cylinder: trademark of the powder fire extinguisher MIG; name of a cylinder «БП-2», serial number of a cylinder; month, year of release of a cylinder and year of its re-examination; Working and trial pressure of a cylinder; Weight and volume of a cylinder. Also the cylinder of the fire extinguisher is marked by EAC sign. The cylinder has the certificate on compliance of TR CU 032/2013.