Wheeled Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher MIG 80 kg ABCE (10А, 233В-2, С, Е) with shut-off nozzle

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Models by GOST15150/ ISO12944
Wheeled Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher MIG 80 kg ABCE (10А, 233В-2, С, Е) with shut-off nozzle
Wheeled Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher MIG 80 kg ABCE (10А, 233В-2, С, Е) with shut-off nozzle
  • 4 years warranty
  • Life time 15 years
  • TR CU 043/2017 certified
  • approved by RMRS
Main technical data and characteristics
Rank of standardized fire source (fire extinguishing capability) for class A
Rank of standardized fire source (fire extinguishing capability) for class B
Fire extinguishing capability for class C
available (not measured)
Fire extinguishing capability for class E
up to 1000V
Operating temperature range, °C
from - 40 to + 50
Gross weight, kg
Dimensions(length, cylinder diameter), mm., not more
Mass of fire extinguishing agent, kg
Cylinder name and manufacturer
B-90-1,6 MIG, JSC Pozhtechnika
Cylinder volume, l
Cylinder volume, l
4 ( typical design)
Cylinder service life, years
Fire extinguisher service life, years
Branded factory repair work
available (factory warranty for factory repair work is 5 years)
Minimum recharge cycle
every 5 years
Warranty, years
4 (twice as much as the standard)
      The extinguisher is equipped with a shut-off nozzle, which allows you to repeatedly interrupt the jet of fire extinguishing powder after starting the fire extinguisher, which ensures its effective use by one person, which is especially important when there are several fires, and they are in different locations. A person using the extinguisher can move the extinguisher with one hand behind the cart and with the other hand hold the overlapping barrel, which directs a stream of powder to the seat of fire, interrupting it at the right moment when changing its position while extinguishing.
Equipped with an ergonomic removable trolley with rubberized wheels 200 mm in diameter, which provides ease of rolling a heavy extinguisher. In addition, when repairing the trolley it is not necessary to submit the extinguisher for repair to a licensed organization- it is enough to detach the trolley and repair it separately, then independently reinstall the extinguisher on it.

     Type of fire extinguisher according to the principle of creating pressure in its body: stored pressure.
     Cylinder ( body) volume of the fire extinguisher: 90 liters.
     Length of the sprayer (flexible part): not less than 3.0 m.

     According to Federal Law № 123 "On Fire Safety Requirements" paragraph 1 of Art. 105 "Requirements for fire extinguishers" "... mobile fire extinguishers must provide fire extinguishing by a single person ...".

     The cylinder of the fire extinguisher is certified to comply with the requirements of Technical Regulations TR CU 032/2013 "On safety of equipment operating under overpressure".
     In accordance with current regulations, the marking of the cylinder of powder fire extinguisher MIG is made by mechanical means and contains the following records: JSC "Pozhtechnika" trademark, "ЕАС" conformity mark, the name of the cylinder "B-90-1,6", the factory number of the cylinder, the month and year of manufacture of the cylinder, the year of the next re-certification of the cylinder, the temperature operation range of the cylinder "-50 ºС to +50 ºС", working and test pressure of the cylinder, the mass and volume of the empty cylinder".

     The extinguisher is designed with a special hole in the upper spherical part of the cylinder, through which the extinguisher is charged (and recharged) with extinguishing powder (closed with a threaded plug). In the case of the absence of such a hole in the cylinder design, there is a very high risk of breakage of the siphon tube when screwing the lock and trigger device "in the already poured powder", which leads to a hidden inoperability of the extinguisher. The additional hole is used to reload the extinguisher with powder.