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Powder fire extinguisher MIG 40kg

Powder fire extinguishers MIG
Code: 111-54
Powder fire extinguisher MIG 40kg

: 4 years

The fire extinguisher is equipped with the crossover allowing interrupting a stream of fire extinguishing powder repeatedly after start of the fire extinguisher, which provides its effective operation by one person that is especially important in case of there are several fire sources and they’re are in different places. The person using the fire extinguisher can move it with one hand because of the cart, and hold the crossover with the second, which sends a powder stream to the fire source, interrupting it at the needed moment in case of changing position during fire suppression.
It equipped with ergonomic removable cart with the rubberized wheels with a diameter of 200 mm, which provide convenience when rolling the heavy fire extinguisher. Besides, in case of repair of the cart there is no need to take the extinguisher to repair the cart in the licensed organization. It is enough to disconnect the cart and repair it separately then establish fire extinguisher on it.
Volume of fire extinguisher’s cylinder: 50 l.
Sprayer length (flexible part): at least 3,0 m.

SAFET The cylinder of the fire extinguisher is certified on compliance to requirements of the Technical Regulation TR TS 032/2013 "TR on safety of high pressure equipment ". According to the existing standard rate, powder fire extinguisher MIG marking of a cylinder  is executed mechanically and contains the following records: logo of JSC Pozhtehnika, mark of conformity of "EAC", name of the cylinder "БП-50-1,6", serial number of a cylinder, month and year of production of a cylinder, year of the following re-examination of a cylinder, range of cylinder’s operation temperatures "from-50 ºC to +50 ºC, working and trial pressure of a cylinder, weight and volume of an empty cylinder.


In fire extinguisher’s design there is a special opening provided in the upper spherical part of a cylinder through which the fire extinguisher is being charged and recharged with the fire extinguishing powder (the opening is closed by a carving stopper). In case of absence in a design of a cylinder of such opening the risk of siphon tube breakdown when twisting the valve "in extinguisher already filled up with powder " is very high that it results as the hidden not operability of the fire extinguisher. Through an additional opening fire extinguisher’s powder reloading is performed.

Main technical data and characteristics
Rank of standardized fire source (fire extinguishing capability)
6А, 233В
Mass of fire extinguishing agent, kg
Diameter of the cylinder in places of fixture of the fixing elements of brackets (KTM, KTH, KTF), mm
Overall dimensions (height, diameter of the cylinder), mm, not more
Range of operation temperatures, °C
- 50 to + 50
Working pressure in the case of the fire extinguisher, MPa in case of 20 °C
Duration of supply of fire extinguishing agent, is, seconds, not less
Weight, kg, not more
Designation of the fire extinguisher in case of the order
Powder fire extinguisher MIG 40kg