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Fire cabinet PRESTIGE 01-WGS
swivel lock
Fire cabinet PRESTIGE 01-WGW
Fire cabinet PRESTIGE 01-WGR
Fire cabinet PRESTIGE 01-WGC
Main technical data and characteristics
Cabinet size (width, depth, height), mm
Cabinet modification
WGC-Wall-mounted, Glass door, Chrome
Basic equipment
Hose holder, information label "Fire hose complete set"
Designation when ordering
Wall-mounted fire cabinet PRESTIGE-01-WGC

    The PRESTIGE-01-WGS fire cabinet is designed for accommodating one fire hydrant equipment with a diameter of Dy 50 or Dy 65 and for use in buildings and structures under normal climatic conditions ranging from +5 to +45 ºC, with a relative humidity of 90%.

     It is not intended for exposure to aggressive working environments. The cabinet is primed and coated with a "chrome-like" powder paint, emphasizing the representative level of the room. The cabinet can be reconfigured from right-side opening to left-side opening and can also be converted from surface-mounted to recessed installation. The window area is doubled, and an original design "Euro-latch" is used instead of the traditional key lock. This decision was made to provide convenience for users, allowing them to visually view 100% of the cabinet's internal volume, as well as to meet regulatory requirements for accessibility to ensure quick opening of the fire cabinet in case of an emergency. The possibility of sealing the cabinet doors is still maintained.