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Why consumers choose Pozhtechnika

Pozhtechnika is the competitive manufacturer of fire safety products based in Belarus, that have been producing professional and reliable fire extinguishers MIG and MIG E for more than 20 years. Over this period of time equipment, manufactured by Pozhtechnika have earned a reputation in the CIS countries as the most effective and dependable in fire defeating trials.
Pozhtechnika uses advanced technologies to make products comply with the European quality standards.
All MIG and MIG E fire extinguishers have a higher fire extinguishing capacity than compared standard models. This is achieved by using:
- dry nitrogen to create pressure;
- high quality fire extinguishing powder mix, including certified in the European Union according to EN 615 standards;
- cylinders with increased volume.
Newly upgraded design of fire extinguishers models MIG and MIG E, features important modifications for the consumer’s comfort and reliable use:
- mechanical marking of certified cylinders;
- holder for sprayer fixing;
- painted label;
- mobile models are equipped with cut-off hose, trolley detachable frame, and protective spring frame.
The service life of all MIG and MIG E fire extinguishers is 15 years with remarkable product warranty of 4 years. This is 1.5 times more than compared standard fire extinguishers.
Fire extinguishing ability and all design solutions for MIG and MIG E fire extinguishers are tested at the manufacturer’s test facilities, where the most experienced personnel certify Pozhtechnika quality assurance.
This approach to products manufacture has provided POZHTECHNIKA with a high reputation and consumer confidence for over 20 years.