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The relevance of fire suppression using inert gases

Pozhtechnika has successfully developed the production of the gas fire extinguishing agent known as INERGEN INEI (IG-541).

IG-541 is widely recognized as the most environmentally friendly gas fire extinguishing agent worldwide. It offers several advantages:

  • Zero ozone depletion potential.
  • It does not cause corrosion to metals.
  • It does not damage electronics.
  • Chemically inert.
  • Thermally stable.
  • Spillage is unlikely.
  • Virtually insoluble in water.
     IG-541 is indeed composed of three naturally occurring gases, making it similar to the components of Earth's atmosphere, with the exception of oxygen. One of the advantages of IG-541 is its ability to protect equipment without interrupting its operation. It does not leave any residue, does not interact with metals, and does not harm the materials commonly used in electronics. In critical situations, such as a fire in a turbine installation at a hydroelectric power station, it may be necessary to suppress the fire while keeping the turbine operational. Traditional fire suppression methods may not be effective in such cases, but the use of agents like IG-541 can provide the necessary fire protection without causing disruption.
INERGEN INEI is thermally stable, unlike artificially synthesized gases, which are prone to chemical decomposition. Typically, when INERGEN comes into contact with a fire source and high temperatures, the gas does not break down into toxic components such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen fluoride, or pure fluorine. This makes INERGEN a safe and environmentally friendly fire suppression agent.

    Indeed, it is a rare case where the environmental aspect aligns with the opportunity for import substitution of commonly used refrigerants, which are 100% imported. In accordance with the commitments of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus under the Paris Agreement on climate, most refrigerants are expected to phase out. Automatic fire suppression systems based on inert gases, although slightly more expensive due to the requirement of a maximum pressure of 300 atm (compared to 60-200 atm for refrigerants), offer economic benefits. These include the elimination of the need to import refrigerants, especially for recharging, and the avoidance of headaches associated with refrigerant disposal. Therefore, systems based on inert gas fire suppression agents like INERGEN are economically attractive.

    It is evident that there is a legitimate cause for concern among consumers who operate or plan to operate fire suppression systems based on refrigerants. Global practice unequivocally shows that the future of automatic fire suppression lies with inert gases and their mixtures, which are more economically feasible when considering the entire life cycle of a fire suppression system. Most importantly, these systems are safer for humans and the environment.

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