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The perfect fire extinguisher for your car!

POZHTECHNIKA company  has mastered the production of OP-1-ABCE MIG fire extinguishers in a new design.

Powder fire extinguisher OP-1-ABCE MIG is made using modern technology and has one welded seam on the body. The body of the fire extinguisher has an increased  thickness and complies with the requirements of European standards. The marking of the passport on the fire extinguisher cylinder is made mechanically and remains throughout the entire service life of the fire extinguisher. The label is printed using screen printing.

The fire extinguishing capacity is 1.5 times higher than that of a standard fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher is loaded with VEKSON-ABC 50 powder certified in the European and Eurasian Unions. The pressure in the body is created with the help of dried nitrogen, which, together with an effective powder, increases the fire extinguishing ability, thereby allowing even an inexperienced operator (ordinary person) to achieve effective extinguishing.

Where is it regulated to apply according to the rules?

In accordance with clause 11.4 of TR CU 018, regardless of the presence of an automatic fire extinguishing system, vehicles of category M1 are equipped with at least one fire extinguisher with a capacity of at least 1 liter (category M1 is a type of vehicle that is designed specifically for the carriage of passengers, and has at least four wheels, no more than 8 seats in addition to the driver).

Fire extinguisher OP-1-ABCE MIG (1A 21V C E) - reliable protection of your car!

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