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The increased ability of the Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher 2kg MIG

Specialists of our plant developed a NEW DRY POWDER Fire Extinguisher 2kg "MIG" (2A, 55B, C, E), which extinguishes the rank of fire, the same as a fire extinguisher kg 4.

Fire extinguisher 2kg "MIG" (2A, 55B, C, E) is charged with a fire extinguishing powder certified in the European Union.

Why is the lowest weight of a fire extinguisher important?
Fire extinguisher 2kg "MIG" (2A, 55B, C, E) with a rank of 2A, 55B, C, E has a weight of only 3.6 kg, which is two times less than a fire extinguisher 4kg , which has the same rank.

Less weight will provide:
- easy of use,
- the convenience of transporting a fire extinguisher to a place of ignition,
- the possibility of use by an elderly person, a woman, or even a schoolchild, who were close to the source of ignition.

As a result, a fire extinguisher, which has less weight, will quickly start the process of fire extinguishing, which is always key in an emergency.

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