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Reliable defenders of your home

Professional and compact powder fire extinguishers OP-2-ABCE MIG (2A 55BCE) and OP-3-ABCE MIG (2A 55B C E) with increased fire extinguishing capacity will become your guarantee of safety in your home, car, cottage, garage, sauna, workshop. In terms of fire extinguishing capacity, they are equivalent to a standard OP-4 powder fire extinguisher. They extinguish at least 9m2 of solid substances (wood, paper, fabric, plastic) and 55 liters of flammable liquid, flammable gases, electrical equipment under voltage up to 1000 V, which is confirmed by tests of the Russian Emergencies Ministry and certificates of conformity. Light weight and compact and safe body will allow an elderly person and a teenager to quickly and effortlessly use a fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher OP-4-ABCE MIG (2A 70V C E) extinguishes at least 9m2 of solids (wood, paper, fabric, plastic) and 70 liters of combustible liquid, which is superior to the standard OP-4.
The service life is 15 years (for standard fire extinguishers - 10), during which your property will be under reliable protection. You do not have to buy other fire extinguishers, which will significantly save your budget.
We are confident in the reliability of our products, so we give a 4-year warranty and carry out a simple warranty exchange.
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