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MIG and INEI fire extinguishers in a corrosion-resistant design

Our plant produces various types of fire extinguishers MIG and INEI, designed for use in areas with high and very high corrosivity according to ISO 12944-2.

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Fire extinguishers are designed to operate in difficult atmospheric conditions, can be exposed to sea salt, aggressive working environments (oil and oil products, produced water, soil, well chemicals and solutions, etc.), are characterized by high corrosion resistance, wide temperature and pressure ranges.

Fire extinguishers MIG and INEI are made in the following designs for operation at the facilities:
- according to С4-Н (high): industrial and coastal areas with mild salinity: chemical plants, swimming pools, ship repair plants;
- according to C5-M (very high): coastal and marine areas with high salinity, for example, in buildings and areas with almost constant condensation and with a very high level of pollution.

Warranty on corrosion protection up to 15 years depending on operating conditions.

The following parameters are dependent on the corrosiveness of the environment:
- type of paint used for protection;
- total thickness of the dyeing system;
- required surface preparation.

To order corrosion resistant fire extinguishers
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