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How to Protect a Hotel from Fire

The Best Hotels choose the most modern and effective fire protection methods

A modern, luxurious Status hotel recently opened in Vitebsk on Suvorov Street. We equipped it with the most effective fire protection methods:

In the hotel lobby, guests are greeted by an interior PRESTIGE extinguisher stand with the client's logo and an Portable Dry Powder 4 kg ABCE MIG E fire extinguisher.

шкаф-подставка для сайта копия.jpg

On the floors, Portable Dry Powder 4 kg ABCE MIG E fire extinguishers are placed supported with PRESTIGE extinguisher stands made of stainless steel.

In the cafe - an Air-Foam fire extinguisher 8lt AB MIG, in the kitchen - a Carbon Dioxide 3kg BCE fire extinguisher INEI for protecting electrical equipment.

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баннер подставка нержа копия.jpg

All fire extinguishers have enhanced fire extinguishing capacity.

 Fire safety is a top priority in the hotel industry, and installing high-quality, professional-grade equipment is key to protection from fire. The guests can feel secure knowing that in the unlikely event of an emergency, the Status hotel is well-equipped to respond immediately and efficiently.