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AUTONOMOUS SPRAYING UNIT URMA-60 “INEI” APPLICATION FIELD: INTERNAL DISINFECTION OF OBJECTS AND FOREST FIRES LOCALIZATION MOBILE SOLUTION FOR LONG LAST MANUAL SPRAYING OF LIQUIDS Mobile autonomous spraying unit URMA-60 “INEI” (product ID 112-144) designed for manual spraying of liquids on various purposes: disinfection, disinsection, fighting forest fires, etc. The unit is a 60 liters metal tank (with internal polymer coating) on a trolley, connected with a sprayer with 9-meter hydraulic hose. Principle of operation of the unit is based on supply of compressed displacing gas from external source to a tank with liquid . As a result, a sprayed gas-liquid jet is formed at the outlet of the installation. Stationary and mobile air compressors with pressure of 0.3 to 1.2 MPa and productivity of at least 100 l / min. ANR can be used as external sources of compressed gas. Optimal operation of the unit: at pressure of 0.6 MPa in liquid tank .(operating pressure of the most stationary and mobile compressors is the same) Additionally, the unit can operate with a mobile wheeled block of gas - cylinders- MBP-14 (14 kg of carbon dioxide) (product ID 112-148), which provides long-term and safe autonomous operation of the unit with the ability to adjust the flow rate, using reducer (from 1 to 2 l / min). Liquid flow rate - 1.5 .l / min. (at pressure in liquid container of 0.6 Mpa). Processed area with a 60 liters liquid tank – 3 600 m2. Using MBP-14: continuous spraying - up to 7 hours (540 liters of liquid); processed area - 32 500 m2. To connect with external or standard source of compressed gas, the unit can be equipped with universal pneumatic hose- extensioner, using wheeled unit UPT-60 (60m), product ID 112-149. Several UPT-60 can be connected with each other, if necessary. Liquid tank and standard pneumatic hose of the unit , as well as both UPT-60 couplings, have standard quick pneumatic connection, which provides quick and safe connection/disconnection of compressed gas sources. The main advantage of URMA-60 “INEI” is the possibility to choose method of prolonged spraying of liquids manually: -connecting the unit with stationary or mobile air compressor at a short or long distance, - fully autonomous operating when using the MPB-14 unit, - combined method of operation: for example, a part of facility is processed by the unit connected with a stationary air compressor, and the other part of facility is processed using MPB-14 unit.