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The conformity of Foam fire extinguishers MIG with the requirements of technical regulations TR EAEU 043/2017 was affirmed

      Foam fire extinguishers MIG  with a  fluorosurfactant charge (AFFF)  are modern  fire extinguishers with exceptional ability to extinguish  flammable liquids.

       The main  field of application of fire extinguishers OVP  MIG  AFF is  the chemical and petrochemical industry, airfields, and  wherever it is necessary to extinguish large areas   with oil or oil products in a short  time, or to prevent the ignition of  flammable liquids.

       Recommended for use on ships  and  ports.

       Injection-type  foam fire extinguishers are produced in two versions - "winter" and "summer".

The "summer" version is intended for the operating  temperature range  from + 5 ºС  to +50 ºС.

The "winter" version  is  intended for the operating temperature range  from –30 ºС  to + 50 ºС.

        Mobile AFFF foam fire extinguishers MIG are available with a charge of a fire extinguishing agent with a volume of 40 lt., 50 lt., 80 lt.

       Foam fire extinguishers MIG are charged with a highly effective fire extinguishing agent - a film-forming synthetic fluorosurfactant agent, certified in the European Union. The rapid formation of a thin water film, which has the ability to spontaneously spread and cover the surface of the oil product, prevent evaporation and the formation of a vapor-air mixture, reduce the extinction time and cool the fire zone. In those places where the foam layer was broken, the film under the influence of surface tension forces covers the entire surface of a liquid oil product.

       The fire extinguishing agent has the following features:

      - low adsorption of combustible substances, which makes it possible to use it with deep extinguishing;
       - increased fire extinguishing properties, ultra-low surface tension;
       - neutral acidity, which is safe for humans and the environment;
       - isolates the burning surface when extinguishing fires of A and B classes, preventing the formation of a combustible vapor-air mixture;
       - stable and resistant to thermal radiation of combustible substances with a high content of polar additives, such as alcohol and others.

      The main advantage of foam fire extinguishers MIG with a fluorosurfactant charge is:

      - highly effective fire extinguishing agent with increased fire extinguishing ability;

       - recharging the fire extinguishers - every 5 years (Compare: recharging of standard foam fire extinguishers with a hydrocarbon charge - every year).

       - polymer coating of the inner surface of the cylinder according to European technology.