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Stored pressure foam fire extinguisher OVP-8(b)-AB MIG - the best technical solution in the field of ecology and industrial safety

Kazan hosted the Tatarstan Oil and Gas Forum. As part of the Forum, a competition was held for the best technical solution in the field of ecology and industrial safety. POZHTEHNIKA presented new innovative fire extinguishers OVP-8(b)-AB OM4 MIG (2A 113B) to the competition
The air-foam fire extinguisher with a high-pressure cylinder is designed to suppress and localize fires of solid combustible substances and combustible liquids (fire classes A, B) in severe operating conditions. It has the increased fire extinguishing ability in comparison with analogues. The body of the fire extinguisher has an internal corrosion-resistant polymer coating with a thickness of more than 1 mm. The fire extinguisher itself is made in corrosion-resistant design according to C4-H and C5-M ISO 12944, which allows it to be operated in "harsh" conditions.
The main innovation of the fire extinguisher is the use of the "MIG" cartridge to store the foam concentrate, which saves on recharging and disposal without harming the environment.
"MIG" cartridge is a cylinder made of polymeric material, filled with AFFF 1% foaming agent, sealed from the end part with a special aluminum foil membrane. Cartridge capacity up to 150 ml, which allows it to be used in fire extinguishers with a charge of up to 15 liters.
The "MIG" cartridge is simply placed in a water cylinder without any fixing. When the fire extinguisher is triggered, the membrane of the cartridge is opened from excess pressure and the foam concentrate in the cartridge is mixed with water, forming a ready-to-use composition inside the fire extinguisher cylinder.
Compared to the charge from any foaming agent solutions, the use of the "MIG" cartridge will provide an extended recharge period of 10 years, equal to the period of storage of the concentrate in the cartridge.

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