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Invisible fire cabinets PRESTIGE to protect houses in the residential complex LEGENDA in St. Petersburg

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POZHTEСHNIKA designed and manufactured invisible fire cabinets to protect houses in the LEGENDA residential complex in St. Petersburg.
The PRESTIGE "invisible" fire cabinet is designed to place fire hydrant equipment and fire extinguishers.
The body of the cabinet is built into the construction niche.
A hatch is attached to the cabinet body, which can be lined with ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, natural stone or decorative plaster.
The hatch frame is welded from a steel profile pipe and painted with polymer powder paint to prevent rust.
Reinforced hatch hinge allows lining the hatch with large porcelain stoneware slabs, natural stone and other heavy facing materials.
Magnetic push locks mounted on the frames push out the heavy tiled door. At the same time, the locks are completely protected from jamming.
The door adjustment system allows you to adjust the vertical position of the door with high accuracy.
The optimal solution when it is necessary to hide the cabinet under large-format facing material, up to 700-900 mm wide and up to 2000 mm high.